Service Policy

Service Name Service Content Basic Service Silver Medal Service Gold Medal Service
Service methods Telephone guidance
Email support
Remote assistance
On-site support
Response time 5*8 hours response
7*24 hours response
Product standard services Hardware failure after-sales service(hardware produced by DataSure)
Software failure after-sales service
Software upgrade service
Product consulting services
Advance spare parts service
Product cycle inspection service Half-year inspection Quarterly inspection
Special value-added service Worry-free replacement service Optional Optional Optional
Storage medium retention service Optional Optional Optional
Operation and maintenance training service Optional Optional Optional
Training and certification service for operation and maintenance engineers Optional Optional Optional
Operation and Maintenance Service Optional Optional Optional
Product cycle inspection service (monthly inspection/quarterly inspection/semi-annual inspection/annual inspection) Optional Optional Optional

Service Description

1. All products of DataSure are free of charge for 3 years of basic service.
2. Special value-added services can be purchased separately.
3. Non-product software and hardware failure services, excluding on-site service fees.
4. Hardware warranty can be extended up to 5 years.
5. Software upgrade service refers to upgrading to the latest version of software.
6. Spare parts advance service means that after passing the customer`s application, DataSure provides replacement parts to the customer in advance, and customer only needs to send the defective parts back to DataSure after receiving the replacement parts.
7. The starting time of the hardware warranty service is the data of signing of the user’s equipment, or 60 days after the data of signing the product contract with DataSure(the earlier of the two is calculated).
8. The starting time of the software support service is the data of the authorization application or 60 days after the data of signing the product contract(the earlier of the two is calculated).
9. Product service information query methods: 400-821-6995, and
10. Worry-free replacement service means that the products purchased from DataSure can be replaced with a new hardware platform at a discount, the software is updated to the latest version and the old equipment is recycled. The replaced equipment provides 3 years of basic service and hardware maintenance service.
11. Storage medium retention service means that after the storage media fails, there is no need to send the faulty parts back, and the customer can handle it by himself. After confirming the failure of the storage medium, DataSure will send the spare parts before the next working day.
12. Product consulting service includes product function and usage consulting, project demand plan consulting, and common fault problems consulting. Get in touch: 400-821-6995,
13. The product cycle inspection service is the product operation and maintenance inspection service. It includes inspection of the status of the hardware and software platforms.
14. O&M training service refers to providing product O&M training service, supporting remote training and on-site training.
15. Training and certification service for O&M engineers refers to sending engineers to the headquarters to participate in the training course of operation and maintenance engineers, and to pass the training and issue the certificate of certification.
16. Operation and maintenance service refers to the operation and maintenance support of products, including remote operation and maintenance and on-site operation and maintenance. Remote operation and maintenance needs to provide support for the remote network environment.


1. The following circumstances may result in failure to provide services as required:
Ø Force majeure, including but not limited to typhoon, flood, earthquake, fire, etc.
Ø The supply of necessary energy and resources such as water and power is interrupted.
Ø The operator's communication is interrupted.
Ø Other factors that are beyond the control.
2. Equipment is damaged due to the following reasons, no commitment to service:
Ø Force majeure, including but not limited to typhoon, flood, fire, war, etc.
Ø Unauthorized alteration or deletion of S/N number of equipment.
Ø The operating environment of the field equipment (such as humidity) or external factors (such as external electromagnetic interference, failure of internal interconnection equipment, etc.) cannot meet the environmental requirements for the normal operation of the equipment.
Ø Customers deliberately or negligently, improperly use or deliberately destroy the data devices, causing hardware or data damage.
Ø Customer infrastructure failure or system damage caused by a third party, including unauthorized relocation and installation of equipment without following the requirements.
Ø Modification of hardware or software without authorization, including installation of unauthorized parts, such as hard disk, memory, and network cards.
3.DataSure undertakes to take reasonable measures to ensure the security of the above information, but does not promise any direct or indirect responsibilities caused by the acquisition and use of the above-mentioned information. When the customer returns the hardware device to DataSure, it is assumed that any confidential and private information in the device has been completely deleted by default. DataSure shall not bear any legal responsibility for the acquisition and processing of the above information, including any claims, penalties, and any adverse consequences from any government agency or third party.
4. Maintenance service is optional, and customers can choose whether to purchase and when to terminate. The customer chooses to purchase the services provided by DataSure, that is, to confirm the consent of DataSure to collect, access, process, detect, and debug the relevant information, including basic information, data and information necessary to provide services, etc. This information will only be used to provide maintenance service.
5. DataSure is not the owner or controller of the above information, so we have no right or obligation to confirm whether the above information contains confidential information and personal data. The customer should ensure that all acts of providing data comply with legal requirements or have obtained relevant authorization and permission , and does not violate the privacy policy agreement or user agreement that it may sign.
6. DataSure does not guarantee that the products and services provided are completely defect-free, and fully meets the requirements of customers. There will be no problems or interruptions in using the products and services, nor does it guarantee that DataSure can completely repair these defects. In any case, DataSure shall not be liable for the direct or indirect economic losses of the customer due to this service manual. The maximum amount of compensation for the customers’loss caused by its liability shall not be higher than the amount paid by the customer for purchasing the product or service.

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