Our Core Value

Life at DataSure

✔ The headquarters is close to Metro Line 2 and line 13. There are shuttle buses in the park to Loushanguan Road Station of line 2, and Daduhe Road Station of line 15 under construction is at the gate of the park.
✔ Open office, bright and comfortable environment, surrounded by small green plants, daily fruits, snacks, etc.
✔ We have tea room, bar counter and other open communication venues so that the meeting place is not limited to closed meeting rooms, you can stand and sit, communicate easily and freely.

What can DataSure do for me?

✔ Staff gathering, festival activities, sports exercises, annual tourism activities, etc.
✔ Flexible working hours on working days, enjoy weekends, statutory holidays, statutory annual leave, and company additional paid annual leave.
✔ Standardized assessment and evaluation system, 1-2 opportunities for salary promotion every year.
✔ No strict hierarchical culture, no rigid rules and regulations, respect the value of each position and the professional ability that matches it.
✔ No lengthy meetings and cumbersome procedures, maintain an equal and relaxed working atmosphere.
✔ Provide logistics support, caring for employees' comprehensive needs and mental health.
✔ Provide on-the-job training, internal technical salons, special incentives, etc.
✔ Provide induction training, internal technical salons and special incentives,etc.

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Service Time

Monday-Friday : 9:30~17:30