The cloud has received so much attention as a touchstone to IT and business transformation that it has become a “must do” initiative in the minds of organizations, but often without a full understanding of implications.

Don’t let your backup environment become a costly and risky IT management headache. As you evaluate new investments, demand more from a backup solution. Replace siloed, legacy tools with a hyperconverged backup solution that lets you demand.

The cloud backup solution based on BoxSure is a secure, efficient, cost-effective, and scalable enterprise-level data backup solution, which can enable customers to achieve unparalleled data availability, visibility, automation and governance across data centers, on-premise and in the cloud. The physical, virtual and cloud architecture are replicated into cloud images in real time, and the shadow data center is generated by one-click. The backup data can be simulated and practiced on demand at any time, or the backup data volume can be directly mounted to any platform.

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