Product Overview

Integrated products based on cloud shadow disaster recovery technology and micro cloud architecture. AceSure converges Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Simulation drill.

  • Business systems are decoupled from any x86 platform and backed up to a cloud host in real time.
  • Record I/O changes at any point in time of the business system and construct multiple data replica of the business cloud host.
  • Realize data backup, business disaster recovery, and simulation testing through multiple data replica of the virtualization platform.

Product Features

Application Scenarios

Disaster Recovery of Traditional Business Architecture
Disaster Recovery of Public and Private Clouds
Hybrid Mode Disaster Recovery

Real-time synchronous backup of operating system, database, files and application environment. When a physical or logical failure occurs in the workload, AceSure can be used to achieve rapid emergency takeover, without business interruption and data loss.

Covers many business scenarios such as cross-cloud backup, cross-cloud disaster recovery, and cloud disaster recovery. By using the characteristics of cloud

Provide unified disaster recovery management for cloud, physical and virtual environments, and realize mutual disaster recovery between on-premise data center and cloud data center. Multiple disaster recovery protection above and under cloud meets your requirements for RPO in seconds and RTO in minutes, achieving stable business operation and worry-free data security.


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