Downtime is a matter of when, not if, with today’s complex IT environments. In our 7*24 business world, prolonged downtime hurts both your reputation and bottom line. Legacy DR products, and even some from newer DR vendors, can’t handle instant recovering. So, while particularly important during uncertain times, lowing TCO, keeping essential operations functioning smoothly and decreasing risk are always best practices. A simple and secure disaster recovery solution can help boost your organizational preparedness while supporting your IT efficiency, instant recovery, and compliance goals.

Built on a foundation of continuous data protection and business continuity management, the cloud disaster recovery solution based on AceSure converges data backup, disaster recovery, and simulation drill. Built-in orchestration and automation provide a simple and agile enterprises solution to save time, resources and costs.

It is the most trusted solution for disaster recovery, ensuring business-critical is always available. And with capabilities for cloud, virtual and physical workloads, it can help to protect all data and business and help your services team break free from legacy vendors. Efficiently protect virtual, physical and cloud workloads, and ensure instant recovery to any point in time.


✔ One-click deployment on the cloud without changing the architecture.
✔ One-click generation of KVM for physical servers, virtual machines and cloud hosts.
✔ Replica the whole machine and valid data , reduce storage and bandwidth.
✔ One-click automatically mirror any KVM, and resources consumption is 0 under normal circumstances.
✔ Disaster recovery platform will automatically orchestrate cloud resources and network environment.
✔ The second set of test services can be generated at any time on the DR cloud platform.
✔ Disaster recovery platform can easily access KVM cloud host to any domestic cloud platforms.
✔ Integration of real-time backup, emergency takeover, off-site DR and simulation drill.
✔ Every change made is automatically written into a journal with a granularity of seconds, so you can rewind to a point in time immediately before an incident.

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