Product Overview

Multi-cloud migration platform for hybrid IT architecture, which can provide simplify, expedite, and automate large-scale migration support for any x86 environment (traditional hardware architecture, virtualization, heterogeneous cloud).

● Block-level thin replication
● 99% success rate, high success rate
● Parallel multi-service migration, high migration efficiency

Product Features

Application Scenarios

✔ Different brands of physical machine to physical machine migration.
✔ Physical to virtual machine migration.
✔ Cross-brand and cross-layer infrastructure virtualization migration.
✔ Migration from physical and virtual machines to cloud platforms.
✔ Mutual migration between public cloud vendors.
✔ Migration from public cloud to physical machine, virtual machine, private cloud, etc.
✔ Cross-network transfer migration between private networks.

Why Choose MoveSure

Many enterprises face challenges when deciding what migration tools to use for migrating a large number of servers quickly, without application disruption or performance impact, which ensures that data is synced in real time and minimizes cutover duration.

MoveSure is designed to help enterprises that are committed to a migration journey achieve a range of benefits by migrating existing applications or the entire system without downtime. The whole process of migration time is predictable, and can be immediately switched to the new system after the migration. 

When migration cutover is initiated, MoveSure allowes even the most complex applications and databases to run smoothly, without compatibility issues.

MoveSure provides consulting support and training to reduce the risk of migrating, builds a strong operational foundation and helps offset the initial cost of migrations. It includes a migration methodology for executing legacy migrations in a methodical way as well as set of technologies to accelerate common migration scenarios.  

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