Migration Strategy

The reasonable formulation of the migration plan and the rational use of the migration software are essential for "faster and more secure cloud access". Based on the practice of massive customer cloud migration, it can be roughly summarized as the following steps.

Evaluation Design
Evaluate the existing system architecture, fully consider the factors affecting the migration, and design the overall migration plan based on the assessment plan.
Test Verification
Verify the feasibility of the migration plan through POC testing and performance testing, and confirm the details of the network bandwidth, migration time, migration tool.
Environment Deployment
Deploy resources, complete the corresponding security policy configuration, and test the connectivity of the target environment and migration link.
Migration Online
Perform migration operations, complete the migration of data, files, servers, big data, do the completed business function verification, and switch online traffic to the target environment.
Optimization on the Cloud
According to the monitoring data on the cloud and the needs of users' pain points, optimize the system on the cloud, and properly consider the optimization of the adaptability of the client system to the public cloud module.


For customers that choose a migration strategy for their large-scale workloads, the recommendation is to select a tool that will orchestrate, automate and schedule the migration with minimum downtime.

The cloud migration solution based on MoveSure can solve various incurable diseases on the road of cloudification, with the characteristics of getting started in one minute and skilled in three minutes.

The biggest feature of the cloud migration solution is that the integration is convenient and efficient, and supports any source infrastructure as long as it runs on x86 operating systems. During the migration process, the business does not need to be shutdown , and the data transmission volume and bandwidth consumption are reduced through thin volume replication and other technologies.

In response to the various risks that may occur during the cloud migration process, MoveSure supports business migration without downtime, and supports rollback at any time. After the migration is completed, real-time verification can be performed before business cutover. Meanwhile, bandwidth speed limit is supported during the migration process, which effectively avoids the impact of migration traffic on normal business access and minimizes the risks that cloud migration may bring to the business. It has the characteristics of fast and efficient, controllable risk and simplified process.

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