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The network environment of the National Bureau of Statistics is complex, with a large number of departments and bureaus. Each department and bureau has its own business system, and each business system is carried in a physical machine/virtualization. Currently, the Bureau of Statistics mainly uses manual backups, and does not back up operating systems and business software. When the business system has hardware damage, operating system crash, business software logic error, data misoperation, etc., the business system cannot be brought online and continue to work in a short time.


Through cloud mirroring replication technology, the operating system, data, basic applications, business systems, etc. are transformed into virtual machine images in real time, and a disaster recovery system can be generated with one click. When any physical machine or virtual machine fails, it can be directly taken over for emergency. Ensure the normal operation of the application.

Customer Benefits

✔ It can realize integrated real-time disaster recovery protection. Once business failure or data loss occurs, disaster recovery can be taken over in minutes and data recovery in seconds.

✔ Without affecting the production environment, it can complete disaster drills, system reinforcement, version upgrades, and employee training.

✔ It is compatible with the used application system and database, and provides a solid protection foundation for the future localization of the database and application system.

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