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Suzhou Rural Commercial Bank has built an innovative financial cloud platform, which is divided into an intranet area and an Internet area. The intranet area runs core business systems such as the collaborative office management platform, Jin-e Bank, and unified payment platform. The storage of these core business systems has the risk of a single point of failure. When the server is down, not only the data in the backup period cannot be restored, but it will also cause the interruption of the banking business and affect the normal operation.

It has 90 business outlets of various types, and more and more data is stored, processed, called and analyzed in a centralized manner. This has caused a surge in visits and a surge in system pressure, and business sustainability has been challenged.

In addition, many laws and regulations have made clear requirements for bank disaster recovery, requiring the establishment of a remote disaster recovery center while realizing local backup protection.


DataSure has formulated a solution that integrates emergency takeover, application-level disaster recovery, and remote disaster recovery. Deploying DataSure's high-availability cloud disaster recovery platform in the disaster preparedness data center realizes data-level backup and application-level disaster recovery of core services in the intranet area, as well as off-site disaster recovery in the Internet area. Through the backup and disaster recovery of different business systems and data in various regional networks, the safe and stable operation of the entire information system is guaranteed with high-efficiency and low-cost solutions.

Customer Benefits

Fully support domestic cloud

Utilize the characteristics of cloud elasticity and integration to achieve disaster recovery of data and business systems, which is applicable to all cloud platforms of OpenStack/KVM architecture.

Remote disaster recovery protection

By establishing a disaster recovery system in a remote location, it can deal with the risk of business interruption when a local disaster occurs. When a disaster occurs locally, the data saved in the remote location can be used for disaster recovery.

Simplify operation and maintenance

Not only can it perform instant visual verification, but it can also build a simulation test environment and a network security offensive and defensive drill test platform with one click, alleviating the pressure on operation and maintenance personnel.

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