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UFIDA is committed to continuously providing enterprises with digital business application infrastructure, building a service industry sharing platform, and enabling cloud computing to truly land in thousands of enterprises. Therefore, UFIDA needs a set of solutions that can professionally, safely and efficiently promote "Enterprise Cloud". However, there are many challenges in the actual cloud migration process:

Difficulty in communication and coordination

Involving multi-department and multi-vendor products, it is necessary to coordinate the personnel and time of all parties

High overall cost

The entire migration process involves time cost, labor cost and other risk costs, and the overall cost is relatively high.

Workload migration without downtime, and data consistency is difficult to guarantee.

It is difficult for users to apply for an outage window, and online businesses need to be migrated without stopping. How to ensure the consistency of business data under front-end business operations?

Is there an emergency plan for the migration process?

When migrating may face abnormal situations, how to ensure online business and migrating business system? Are there any emergency plans to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the user's business?


Through MoveSure, the overall business migration of any X86 environment is realized, and various risks faced by traditional migration, such as long cycle, business security, and comprehensive cost, are solved. In addition, MoveSure has no compatibility issues, no need to coordinate resources of all parties, and realizes online incremental hot migration without stopping users to meet data consistency requirements.

Customer Benefits

Bandwidth savings and data compression reduce costs

MoveSure uses advanced technology to significantly reduce replication bandwidth requirements. By adopting cloud deduplication and replication technology, customers can use available bandwidth to experience the highest level of protection possible, greatly reducing network costs.

Data consistency guarantees zero data loss

The MoveSure platform can guarantee the consistency check of key business data when any possible software and hardware failures or business interruptions occur.

Ready to use after migration

Automated migration can be realized. By adopting wizard installation and configuration, manual operation steps are reduced and the probability of failure is reduced. Reliable migration brings safety and reliability of operating system, applications and data, and improves user system platform migration Reliability.

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