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In recent years, the domestic cloud computing has developed rapidly, and migration to the cloud of government departments has become an inevitable trend. Shanxi Province relies on the “Smart Shanxi” Big Data Center to build a cloud paltform for government affairs in Shanxi Province.


However, how to migrate to cloud safely, efficiently and quickly has become an important link for the steady progress and operation of the cloud. The business to be migrated of Shanxi Government Affairs Cloud is numerous and complex, and there are many challenges in the actual cloud migration process:


The network environment of all departments and bureaus is closed

Except for the business systems of some departments and bureaus and the government cloud platform are interconnected through the government external network, most are isolated from the network and cannot be migrated by network transmission.

The system environment of department and bureau is complex

More than 30 departments and bureaus, nearly 200 different business applications, and their platform environments are different, causing problems such as the inability of the original application vendors to cooperate, the scattered data volume of the data center and the large total capacity.

Migration requires trial run

After the cloud migration of the business system of each unit, it needs to be trial run for about one month before incremental data migration.

Tight project schedule and heavy task

Nearly 200 business systems are required to be migrated to the cloud in a short time, but traditional migration methods and redeployment cannot ensure the completion of the task as scheduled.


By deploying 4 sets of MoveSure, we can realize a system that can be connected to the government cloud platform between the department and the government affairs cloud platform. One-click migration of the cloud from the department and the government affairs cloud platform to ensure that the business system is online and real-time incremental synchronous migration. Realize the migration of systems which do not have network transmission migration, and the transfer of cloud on the departments and bureaus can be synchronized.

Customer Benefits

1)No impact on user business application during migration;

2)High compatibility, which can realize the integration of all X86 business systems and cloud migration;

3)Realize the overall batch migration of business applications;

4)Support one-click and mutual migration among physical machines, virtual machines, and clouds, perfect integration of H3C Cloud;

5)After the migration, the results of the user's physical machine and drive letter remain unchanged, meeting the needs of business verification and disk size adjustment;

6)Automatic synchronization and verification after the migration is completed, 0 data loss during the migration process, and seamless transition between cloud services and original services.

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