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Cloud Disaster Recovery


At present, Ningbo Huamei Hospital has hundreds of virtual machines, HIS system Oracle RAC data volume is huge and complicated. A large number of core business systems such as HIS, PACS, EMR, LIS, CIS, RIS and non-core business systems are all running on the virtualization platform. Deployed in the local computer room, a disaster recovery computer room is built two kilometers away, and the two places are interconnected by bare fiber dedicated lines. The wavelength division technology is divided into 8 data transmission channels to ensure the bandwidth requirements of the disaster recovery network.


DataSure adopts AceSure's disaster recovery solution. Ensuring when the virtualization platform of the local computer room fails, the remote disaster recovery management platform can quickly take over  in an emergency, so that the business is not interrupted, the data is not lost, and the logic failure is prevented. It provides unified management of databases, key data, virtualization platforms, etc. by deploying a set of AceSure Micro-Cloud Disaster Recovery Platform in the disaster recovery room. And obtains the advantages of easy scalability and short resource deployment cycle.

It's oriented to full business operation support and production adapt to the environment. Meanwhile, the remote disaster recovery room can also be used as a rapid disaster recovery exercise platform for business verification, patch upgrades, simulation,etc.

Customer Benefits

Unified protection to meet high SLA requirements for core application disaster recovery

AceSure is based on one-click cloud technology, which can cloud all production business systems into virtual machines and synchronize them with the production business systems in real time to protect the production hosts.


Application-level disaster recovery, realizing full life cycle disaster recovery guarantee

DataSure's real-time replication and transmission technology, as well as full and incremental synthetic storage technology can achieve data integrity and restore at any point in time.

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