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In recent years, Guizhou Power Grid has gained a lot on the road of digital transformation. The application of technologies such as the Internet, AI, and Big Data based on cloud platforms has gradually deepened, and private clouds have become the infrastructure of Guizhou Power Grid to provide resources. In this context, how to implement the direct migration or deployment of new services to the cloud platform simply, efficiently, and safely, as well as heterogeneous cloud migration, have become the main problems currently facing Guizhou Power Grid.


If taking the traditional manual migration method, it will have a huge impact on the daily business operation of GuiZhou Power Grid, and will have disadvantages such as low efficiency, success rate, and long downtime. In order to break the technical barriers between the bottom layers of the virtualization platforms, minimize the migration cost, and greatly reduce the downtime caused by the migration, DataSure recommends one-click migration solution for heterogeneous cloud based on MoveSure.

The solution can realize arbitrary migration between heterogeneous clouds, heterogeneous virtualization, physical machines and cloud platforms under any x86 architecture, and meets the requirements of non-interruption of business, non-data loss, and non-impact performance during the migration process.

Customer Benefits

One-click migration to heterogeneous cloud

MoveSure supports integrated synchronization of applications, data, and operating systems to transform into virtual machine images, which is not restricted by the platform, and realizes one-click migration across platforms. In addition, the intelligent driver repair technology can automatically adapt the operating system used in the migration business and the drivers required by the target device. If the built-in driver library is not compatible with all devices, it also supports the repair of drivers provided by third parties to ensure the success rate of migration.

Online migration without downtime

The business particularity of Guizhou Power Grid determines that online operation of the business must be guaranteed during the migration,and no downtime before the business is cut. MoveSure uses a unique synchronization and verification algorithm to support online incremental hot migration. First, the entire data is migrated in full, and then the newly added data generated during business operation is uninterrupted.

Data is consistent and not lost

MoveSure can realize incremental data synchronization between the source and the target, as well as data verification after the target is restarted, ensuring that 0 data is lost during the migration process. Automatic synchronization and verification after the migration is completed, so that the business seamless transition between different platforms, to ensure the integrity and consistency of the data.

300% faster migration and guaranteed project cycle

MoveSure block-level thin disk replication technology accurately analyzes valid and invalid blocks, and only processes valid data blocks during transmission, with a reduction efficiency of more than 95%.

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