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Cloud Disaster Recovery


At present, the IT environment of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is mixed with a single physical machine and a virtualization platform. Most business systems run on a single machine, which cannot achieve unified management, and the single machine environment has only simple backups. These have brought unpredictable risks to the normal operation of informatization and business of them. How to ensure the security of the digital information system of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be a key task:


  • When the business system fails, how to quickly restore the business in a short time?

  • How to provide unified and overall security protection for multiple business systems?

  • How to ensure the business continuity of key business systems such as the educational administration system and the campus all-in-one card system to avoid downtime and data loss?

  • How to ensure disaster drills, system patch tests, business system version upgrades, business training, etc. for different business systems?

  • How to realize unified management, operation and maintenance of disaster recovery resources for physical machines and virtualization platforms, and real-time business monitoring?


In order to meet the above-mentioned actual needs, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine chose the cloud disaster recovery solution based on AceSure. Two sets of AceSure are deployed in the central computer room to provide comprehensive disaster recovery protection for key business systems, such as educational administration management system, OA system, academic information system, middleware system, and campus all-in-one card system. Including continuous data protection for virtualized business systems, and providing cloud migration platforms, simulation test platforms, unified operation and maintenance management platforms to achieve unified protection of physical servers, and virtualized platforms to ensure the security and business continuity of information systems.

Customer Benefits

1) Using the real-time backup technology of the whole machine, the backup can start the load takeover data verification without restoring. Improved backup accuracy, simplified recovery process, shortened recovery time, and greatly improved disaster recovery reliability.

2) Based on a hyper-converged architecture, it integrates storage, computing, network, management, and control functions. It can support creation on demand according to disaster recovery solutions and flexibly allocate disaster recovery resources.

3) One-to-many disaster recovery. AceSure can take over any X86 server randomly. When the original server has a disaster, it can start and take over the business system in an emergency, so as to realize the disaster recovery effect of the multi-business system at a lower cost.

4) Without affecting the production environment, it can complete disaster drills, system reinforcement, version upgrades, employee training, etc.

5) Unified WEB interface management, simple operation.

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