Regulation Requirements

Several healthcare informatization standards and policies have been introduced one after another, which put forward higher requirements for the construction of hospital informatization, and also made clear regulations on hospital data security.


Emergency Takeover / Simulation Drill
Generate a “second set of business environment” in one-click for system upgrade, patch reinforcement, and simulation drill.

Takeover at Any Point in Time
The business system automatically generates snapshots at any point in time to form a fine-grained business system virtual machine image “time-space tunnel”.You can select any time point mirror snapshot on the “time-space tunnel” to restore the business system data and status at the corresponding time.

Real-time Backup
Through unique intelligent identification technology, combining the technical characteristics and advantages of file backup and block backup, you can accurately identify valid and invalid blocks, and the backup only process valid blocks when replicating and synchronizing.

Application Scenarios

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