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Due to the historical problems of IT construction and the continuous iterative business needs, the business based on VMware is gradually migrated to Tencent Cloud. There are many challenges in the process of safely, quickly and smoothly migrating business from the old platform to the Tencent Cloud platform:

  • Many application systems and complex operating environment

  • There are compatibility issues in the migration of the old system to the new system environment

  • The business system cannot be interrupted, with high security requirements

  • The source and destination networks of the migration cannot be connected directly

  • Large amount of migrated data, tight project schedule


DataSure and Tencent Cloud join forces to develop a cloud migration solution based on MoveSure. MoveSure can realize the online migration of the whole machine by the integration of OS+APP+DATA while the original business system is running continuously. 

In this scheme, a relay host is constructed at the source end, which is used as a springboard between the source platform and the target platform through a three-layer dedicated line to achieve indirect network connection. Relying on the MoveSure cross-network relay migration function, it realizes the online forwarding of business data through the relay node, avoiding the problem of online migration that cannot be realized due to network problems.

Customer Benefits

No business interruption, no downtime for online migration

Compared with traditional migration methods or manual data migration, the time of user business interruption is uncontrollable.

0 data loss to ensure data consistency and integrity

MoveSure can achieve incremental synchronization between the source and the target, as well as the data verification after the target is restarted, ensuring 0 data loss during the migration process. And automatic synchronization verification after the migration is completed, making the cloud business and the original business seamless transition, ensuring the integrity of the data. Incremental data synchronization and snapshot consistency technology ensure that the consistency check of key business data is provided in the event of any software or hardware failure or business interruption.

The cloud replication speed is increased by 300%, ensuring that the migration task is completed in a very short time

Functions such as thin volume replication, batch parallel migration and AI+speed migration can easily complete the migration task in a very short time, greatly shortening the migration cycle.

100% success rate to ensure wide compatibility

MoveSure intelligent driver repair technology can adapt the operating system automatically used by the migration business and the drivers required by the target device. If the built-in driver library is not compatible with all devices, the driver provided by the third-party can be used for intelligent repair to ensure the success rate of migration.

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